We are the N°1 independent importer from Belgium

Since its founding in 2006, „The Nectar“ has been looking for the best spirits to distribute to professionals and the general public. “The Nectar” was originally focused on whisky’s from all over the world, but our passion extended to a range of other spirits: rum, armagnac, cognac and recently calvados and grappa.

Today, „The Nectar“ distributes more than 2.000 references (600 of which are exclusive) through various distribution networks, but especially through cavists and wholesalers in Belgium.

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What’s new?

What’s new?

Spirits in the Sky

Spirits in the Sky
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Once a year, in November, „The Nectar“ has the pleasure of organizing one of the most famous festivals in Belgium and presenting it to spirits lovers: “Spirits in the Sky”!

Together with our partners and their ambassadors from all over the world (Scotland, Ireland, USA, Japan, France, India, Taiwan, Sweden…) we present all new products and ranges that are available in the Belgian market.

Many types of whisky, rum, cognac, calvados, mezcal, tequila, vodka, pisco and porto can be discovered in a casual, cozy atmosphere during this indispensable event for every passionate spirit lover.

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