Belux Boomerang Bar Competition (BBBC)

Maison Ferrand and The Nectar proudly present:


We are proud to present our Belux Boomerang Bar Competition. A competition as you have never seen before! What do you need to do: we ask your bar to create a 5 cl Boomerang for our BBBC. You prepare enough Boomerangs to distribute among all other participating bars. We are going to collect your Boomerang and send it out to all these other competitors. You will then also receive all of their Boomerangs. The number of participants will be shared with you after the 2nd of February, so you know how many Boomerangs you have to prepare.

You taste all the Boomerangs and you score them between 1 – 20 points on the scoresheet that you will receive. So you are a participant and a judge at the same time. We will mark all the Boomerangs with a secret sign. You will not find out which sign belongs to which bar, so you will score all Boomerangs solely on their taste.

After this, you send us a picture of your scoresheet via email, WhatsApp or other Social Media channels to our On-Trade Manager Thibaut Meysman ( ; +32 (0) 471 81 61 59). We will then announce the 3 winning bars of the BBBC.

Please find below more detailed information about the competition.


Every single cocktail bar in Belgium or Luxembourg can participate and there will be 3 winning bars. Please pay attention to the fact that per winning bar 2 people can enjoy the price that we offer to the winners.


  • Confirming participation no later than the 2nd of February via email, WhatsApp or other Social Media channels to our On-Trade Manager Thibaut Meysman ( ; +32 (0) 471 81 61 59).
  • You receive the empty 5cl Boomerang bottles and scoresheet the latest the 14th of February.
  • We collect the finalised Boomerang bottles the 20th and 21st of February together with your You can of course proudly mention your participation in the BBBC on Social Media. But please know that it is mandatory to keep your Boomerang unrecognizable in order to keep them anonymous and to keep the scoring fair!
  • We distribute the Boomerang Bottles across all competitors the 25th, 26th and 27th of February so you can taste and grade them.
  • We expect you to send your scoresheet no later than the 2nd of March to Thibaut. Again through email, WhatsApp or other Social Media channels.
  • The 3 winning bars will be announced by the 5th of March.

Very important: please respect all deadlines and engagement in respect to your fellow colleagues and competitors! These deadlines will not be extended!


Your Boomerang needs to contain at least 1 of the following products: Plantation, Citadelle and Cognac Ferrand. Adding Ferrand Dry Curaçao is a plus.

At least 2.5cl of the Boomerang should be a product of Maison Ferrand. For the rest of the ingredients you can choose whatever you want to add.

Please remember to give us your recipe and the name of your Boomerang creation at the moment of collection of the finalised boomerang bottles.


There will be 3 bars that win the competition. The winners will go to the heart of Maison Ferrand in Cognac at the end of April 2020. For each winning bar, 2 people can attend the trip.

These winners have the honour to create ‘The Belux Boomerang’ together at Cognac. The Belux Boomerangs will then be especially bottled in a 10cl bottle by Ferrand. These will be distributed to all the participants of the competition by early September.

After that, every single one of you can spread the love of the Belux Boomerang to their fellow bartenders. Make the Belux Boomerang famous with your colleagues throughout the number of festivals that will be happening in September and October.


The bars who are willing to put their Boomerang on their next menu will receive a dozen of Stiggins’ Fancy Plantation shot glasses to present the Boomerang shots in style. If you want to do so, please contact our On-Trade Manager Thibaut.


Join the Battle of the Boomerangs!